It’s All About Essential Oils

Did you know that spice flavor deteriorates with exposure to light, heat, air, humidity and time? They are natural enemies of spices and herbs—destroying the flavor and aroma as they break down the essential oils found originally in the seeds or leaves. Grinding releases these oils, which are volatile at room temperature and highly sensitive to air, light, heat and humidity. In traditional commercial processing, packaging, shipping, and shelving, the flavor and aromas literally evaporate into thin air.

Protecting Precious Flavor

Smith & Truslow vigilantly protects flavor, aroma and color at every step when preparing and shipping spices. We grind in small quantities, immediately pack the spices in small light-resistant, airtight glass jars, and ship them to customers across the country. When you receive our spices, you’ll find them fresh and rich in essential oils, incredibly aromatic and intensely flavorful.

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