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Fire Up the Grill

  • Organic
  • Gluten-Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Nut-Free

Fire Up the Grill


Organic Coriander Cumin Rub

Small Jar

Organic Ginger Mustard Rub

Small Jar

Organic Tarra-Cardamom Rub

Small Jar
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All about Fire Up The Grill

Fire Up The Grill

Magic happens on the BBQ with our Fire Up the Grill gift set. Coriander and cumin meet with pork; ginger and mustard with chicken; tarragon and cardamom with beef. Rubs are such a simple way to add fantastic complexity. Because we grind our spices in small batches and use only pure, organic ingredients, our rubs shine extra bright. Fire Up the Grill is a fun gift for that special person on your list that’s into flames and flavor. Tastefully wrapped in eco-friendly materials, it will light up your loved one’s face. Then he or she will light up the grill.


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Organic Tarra-Cardamom Rub >

Organic Ginger Mustard Rub >

Organic Coriander Cumin Rub >

Once an herb or spice is ground, flavor deteriorates with exposure to light, heat, air, humidity and time. To maximize freshness, store contents in their dark airtight containers in a cool dry place.
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