Here are the few things I remember about my father’s mother, Angie. She always wore a dress and pearls, even at the lake. She taught me how to play canasta, a card game that involves multiple decks of cards. She had two great charm bracelets. My favorites among the charms were: an elegant high heeled shoe; a birthday cake – if you pushed a button on the bottom, the┬ácandles popped up; a comb; the Eiffel tower; the statue of liberty; and one for each of me an my brothers that had our name and birth date on it. I’d sit on her lap for hours looking at the charms saying “what’s this?” I must have driven her crazy. Finally, she would always bring molasses cookies. The zing in the lemon icing is the perfect complement to the earthy molasses. Now, when my family gets together, my sister-in-law Kathy bakes and brings these.

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