Grilling Exhibition at the 8100 Mountainside Grill

The early evening breeze tempers the heat from the afternoon sun. The light shifts from bright to golden, and the mountainside glows greener than I ever remember—a reward for enduring all those days of pounding rain.

This spectacular mountain-scape serves as a backdrop for Pascal and Reese, our chefs for the evening – here to share their grilling secrets. Everything Pascal says is charming. His French accent and animated style entertain the eclectic group gathered on the patio.  Reese, the notable Chef de Cuisine, plays a perfect straight man to Pascal’s humor. Reese raises an eyebrow to one of Pascal’s comments and the guests respond with a giggle.

While we listen raptly to Pascal describe how to repair a “broken” Bernaise sauce, a local wine distributor circles among us pouring tasting glasses of excellent pairings for the trout and halibut that Reese is preparing.  [I failed to get the names of the wines, but I will update you as soon as I find out what they were]. As the glasses are filled and refilled we become more animated, begin chatting with one another and asking about seasonings and grilling techniques.

I am here to present our freshly ground organic spices and to learn how Pascal and Reese use them to create their marvelous meals. We have a small gift of spices for each of the guests and they respond enthusiastically; pleased to know they can order them on line;  amazed at the vibrancy of their flavors and aromas.

In one short class, we grilled halibut and prepared trout en papillote, Bernaise sauce, beurre blanc sauce, gribiche sauce, and my favorite, watermelon salsa. What a charming and educational evening.

Good news, there are more classes to come. Pascal and Reese are hosting three more grilling nights throughout the summer. So, if you are in Beaver Creek on July 25th, August 8th, or August 22nd, stop by the 8100 Mountainside Bar and Grill in the Park Hyatt and enjoy the fruits of Pascal’s and Reese’s labor. The demonstration starts at 4:30. Be sure to come early to grab a seat under an umbrella near the grill. Sample their delectable morsels and sip expertly chosen wine pairings, while picking up great culinary tips in an idyllic setting.

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