Wonder Woman and Other Super Heros

At the playground, I pointed out a little girl dressed in high white boots, golden arm bands and a cape.
“Look, Cleo, she’s Wonder Woman!”
“Oh….because she wonders where her mama is?”

She’s obviously going through a little separation anxiety issue right now. So she’s at my side most of the time, especially in the kitchen, asking “Can I help you, mama?” She’s the Robin to my Batman. One thing she can do is reach all the spices in the pantry and bring them to me. Since recent studies suggest that many spices truly have super powers, I’ve kept her pretty busy finding and sprinkling these little powerhouses:

Super Hero: CINNAMON *new: our Vietnamese variety
Powers: Lowers cholesterol
To the Rescue: Sprinkle it in your morning coffee for a snappy start.
Super Hero: TURMERIC
Power: Preserves mental function (Alzheimer’s is extremely rare in India!)
To the Rescue: Toss cauliflower with curry powder (contains turmeric) and roast for golden goodness.

Super Hero: OREGANO
Powers: Antioxidant (45x more than apples!) and one of the best bacteria killers
To the Rescue: Add an earthy lilt to sliced tomatoes, tomato sauce and pizza.

Super Hero: GINGER
Powers: Anti-inflammatory; relives arthritis
To the Rescue: A teaspoon or two adds an Asian twist to ordinary chicken soup.

Hmmm….I wonder…what else can I do with these super-spices? Any ideas out there? Please – all of you Wonder Women out there – write in and school us with your own tips.

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