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Organic Spices

Organic Spices Small Jar Small
Refill Bag
Medium Jar
Allspice, Whole5.204.90 
Allspice, Ground5.555.25 
Anise Seed5.505.20 
Anise, Ground6.456.15 
Anise Star5.104.80 
Caraway Seed5.405.10 
Cardamom Pods 7.807.50 
Cardamom, Hulled8.508.20 
Cardamom, Ground8.508.20 
Cayenne, Ground5.855.5515.00
Celery Seed5.355.05 
Chipotle Chili Powder9.158.85 
Cinnamon, Vietnamese, Sticks 4.40 
Cinnamon, Vietnamese, Ground6.155.8513.40
Cloves, Whole6.856.55 
Cloves, Ground8.157.85 
Coriander Seed5.204.90 
Coriander, Ground5.555.25 
Cumin Seed5.455.15 
Cumin, Ground6.155.8513.70
Dill Seed5.655.35 
Fennel Seed4.954.65 
Fennel, Ground5.905.60 
Fenugreek Seed5.405.10 
Garlic Powder6.556.25 
Garlic, Minced6.255.95 
Garlic, Granulated5.355.05 
Ginger, Ground6.005.7012.85
Lemon Peel7.607.30 
Mustard, Yellow, Ground5.855.55 
Mustard Seed, Yellow5.305.00 
Mustard Seed, Brown5.555.25 
Nutmeg, Whole7.607.30 
Nutmeg, Ground8.808.50 
Onion, Minced5.154.85 
Onion, Granulated5.355.05 
Orange Peel5.955.65 
Paprika, Smoked Ground6.005.70 
Paprika, Ground6.306.0017.50
Peppercorns, Black6.556.2516.65
Pepper, Black, Ground6.456.15 
Peppercorns, White7.607.30 
Pepper, White, Ground 7.457.15 
Poppy Seed5.655.35 
Red Pepper Flakes5.204.90 
Saffron OS OS 
Turmeric, Ground5.40 12.00

Organic Herbs

Organic Herbs Small Jar Small
Refill Bag
Medium Jar
Bay Leaves 4.30 
Freeze-Dried Chives OS OS 
Dill Weed5.405.10 
Lavender OS OS 
Rosemary Leaf 4.904.60 
Rosemary, Ground6.456.15 
Sage, Ground5.955.65 
Summer Savory5.104.80 

Organic Spice Blends

Organic Spice Blends Small Jar Small
Refill Bag
Medium Jar
Apple Pie Spice6.906.60 
Berbere Spice6.606.30 
Cajun Spice7.006.70 
Chili Powder6.155.8514.00
Chinese 5 Spice6.956.65 
Coriander Cumin Rub6.005.70 
Coriander Fennel Rub5.856.15 
Curry Powder6.956.6518.00
Everything Bagel Blend5.995.6914.95
Garam Masala6.806.50 
Ginger Mustard Rub6.055.7513.00
Ginger Spice7.006.70 
Greek Seasoning6.406.10 
Harissa Seasoning6.906.60 
Herbes Provencal5.755.4513.80
Italian Seasoning5.805.5011.30
Lemon Anise Rub5.955.65 
Lemon Dill Rub6.406.10 
Lemon Pepper7.457.15 
Mile High Steak Rub6.406.1015.60
Moroccan Spice6.806.50 
Mrs Smith's Rub7.056.7513.70
Paanch Phoran5.405.10 
Poultry Seasoning5.605.30 
Ras el Hanout7.807.50 
Rosemary Garlic6.306.0014.50
Southwest Spice6.205.90 
Sweet Potato Seasoning6.606.30 
Tarra-Cardamom Rub5.905.60 
Za'atar Seasoning6.806.50 

Gourmet Sea Salts

Gourmet Sea Salts Small Jar Small
Refill Bag
Medium Jar
Black Truffle Sea Salt, Fine14.4014.1030.00
Celery Sea Salt, Fine5.555.25 
Garlic Sea Salt, Fine6.466.1615.75
Green Chili Sea Salt, Fine6.406.1015.00
Lemon Pepper Sea Salt, Fine6.105.80 
Lime Sea Salt, Coarse 6.70 
Pink Himalayan Salt, Coarse6.706.40 
Rosemary Lavender Sea Salt, Coarse6.055.75 
Sea Salt, Fine3.002.707.20
Sea Salt, Coarse3.002.707.20
Sel Gris, FIne6.506.20 
Smoked Applewood Sea Salt, Coarse6.706.4016.00
Sriracha Sea Salt7.607.30