Who we are

We began as two, are now a small crew, committed to delivering healthy, fresh, and flavorful seasonings.

Our Smith & Truslow Story

It all started with a gift—an assortment of freshly ground spices. It was a simple, modest gift. But, oh what an impact it made. The spices’ bold flavors surprised, impressed and intrigued…and set in motion a rewarding string of events that culminated in Smith & Truslow.

We were so excited by the difference freshly ground spices made in our recipes, we immersed ourselves in research… and lots more cooking. We soon realized that we could provide something that all cooking enthusiasts would appreciate: freshly ground and organic spices— not only robust in flavor, but guaranteed healthy and environmentally responsible. A business was born.

We took different paths, but landed at Smith & Truslow with a shared passion for health and fitness, good times and travel, great wine and food. For years Jean Gleason worked at high gear in corporate America, but then transplanted herself in Colorado to enjoy the benefits of a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Jenny Ross has worked in advertising and design for many years. She is an art lover, and fan of awesome food. She now lives in Maine, enjoying easy access to the ocean, the mountains, or the wilds of Canada.

So who are Smith and Truslow? The names come from our mothers, but the spirit of Smith & Truslow springs not only from these exceptional women, but also their mothers, and the mothers who came before them. We wouldn’t be the people we are today, or have the experiences, values or courage to launch this business, if not for the strong women who showed us the way!

Real customers, real reviews

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Wanted to let you know I got the spices - wow!! Yummy, can't wait to make whole dishes around them. They smell sooooo good thank you!!!

– Bernie S

You're the best... awesome customer service!

– Teresa M

So good to find you via the internet. LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS! Especially Truffle Salt and Sweet Potato Seasoning.

– Susan E